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Kevin Danti Culver, In I chewed Skoal for 27 years and quit 3 months ago. Love this product...I was even able to make it through a football clinic, an ex-dippers nightmare.
Lee Reherman I am super disciplined in most things I do, but when it came to quitting dipping I battled for years...Hooch Snuff was the answer!!
Bart Grand Prairie, Texas Gave up Cope over 2 years ago (Jan 2010). Thanks to Hooch.
Brett O Pleasanton, California Hooch snuff is by far the best herbal dip on the market. As an 18 year Skoal man, I knew I had to quit, and Hooch is a big reason I was able to.
Jw Saint Louis, Missouri 5 years off Tobacco...thanks Hooch!
Bombero Alabama Hooch and KTC (killthecan.org) are an amazing combination. I love Hooch, it has been very instrumental in my quit - it feels like "real" dip.
Chad P Minnesota 6 months free of the worries of mouth cancer! Thanks Hooch!! Love the product.
Daniel E Palm Bay, Florida After dipping 1 can per day for 30 years it was time to stop. Cold turkey with the help of killthecan.org and Hooch snuff.
Tucker Portland , Oregon 60 hours tobacco free! I weaned off by mixing Hooch with Kodiak in a Tupperware. So far so good.
William B Quinlan, Tx After 23 years, I finally quit. Its been a month now. So much harder than I thought it would be. Determination and Hooch snuff did for me. Thank You
Todd R Been dip free for 3 weeks and Hooch has helped tremendously... Thank you for a great product...
L Dixon Arizona It is great to be Free of Tobacco Addiction!
William Penland Greenville, South Carolina Been dipping Copenhagen for 22 years..tried all kinds and chose the wintergreen regular cut...been Cope-free for 3 months now!
Robert O Gretna, Ne Tried all kinds of things to quit, but this stuff really works. Thank you
B Card Atlanta, Ga Day 1 on the books, after 15 years of dipping! Would have been hell without Hooch.
Chaz Brantner
Ivan Sample Louisville, Kentucky I quit after 22 years of chewing and thanks to Hooch. I can continue without the harmful chemicals.
S Lanphere Spokane
Joey E As of yesterday (February 28, 2014), I havent had a dip in 3 years. I could not have done it without faith, family support, & Hooch Snuff.
E Crum
Nick R 1st day yeah
Bd Kentucky Decided to quit, was hoping this stuff could help with the mental part after the nicotine was gone from the system - its doing the trick so far!
Pnc Fort Lauderdale, Florida Day 14! Copenhagen Snuff 8-10 cans a week 27yrs. Hooch Wintergreen 10 cans in 2 weeks! Awesome!
Dustin Marshall
Tim B
John Reid
Olga Navarro Mission, Tx Would like to help my husband quit
Steve Mcgee Little Elm, Texas 48 hours off cope... Hoping for 48 more years...
Brett Honeycutt Harrisburg , North Carolina I'm a professional golfer on the mini tours and cant say how much better Hooch Snuff is to have in when i have a putt to make a cut. Thank you!
David Caravetta Sothborough, Massachusetts Quit for 3 years
Charlie R Louisiana Im 50 yrs and I have been dipping since the age of 8. Am trying this product to quit. Will update my progress
Lb Forney I have been a SKOAL man for 30 years - TIME TO QUIT!
Jerry New Port Richey, Florida
Toby Scovel Phx,Az Dip free for 2yrs on 3/27!!!
Matt E Minnesota Quit a few weeks ago, Hooch definitely an invaluable tool in keeping me away from Cope. Thanks
Mike Young Woodsfield, Ohio After 32 Years of smokeless. I am finally done.
Paul Shauger
Joey Baka
David Loy
Derek P
John Stackhouse Ready to quit!
Gary Beasley This is going to be my first time using Hooch and quitting so wish me luck
Ron Harris West Virginia
Scott Smith Ready to quit. Tried before with no success. Hoping this in conjuction with the nicotine patch will work!
Swizzle I wanna quit...hopefully this will be the answer...based on all the testimony I can't wait to get started..
Alex K Enumclaw, Wa Been a dipper since i was 15 and have struggled with it every year since. Have used many other herbal dips but none have come close to being as tobacco like as Hooch
Patrick Hudson Youngstown, Oh I knew that i was as addicted to the habit of having a can, something in my lip and spitting, as i was the nicotine, Hooch has been wonderful for me!
Micah Littlejohn
R Henderson Orange, Tx 30 yrs of dipping. 1 yr of Hooch and tobacco free, Thanks for the products.
Alf Been dipping snuff for 34 plus years and its time to stop!
Curtis H 2 weeks quit after 16+ years of dipping. Thank you Hooch for giving a good alternative
Paul Booth
Bryan H Fort Wayne, In
Dale A
M Miller Texas
John G
Brendon I am giving up dip after 25 years so this is my first order with Hooch! The reviews make me feel confident in trying it,
J Smith Quit dipping last year. I just like Hooch Snuff
John Babai Flanders, Nj 16 years Skoal user. Tried a few herbals recently, Rough Cut Hooch might have just saved my life. love it. great burn. easy to pinch.
Matthew Klecka Silver Spring, Maryland Dipper for 20+ years. I just ordered some Spitfire and Im optimistic. Ill keep you posted on the progress. Wish me luck.
Hagen Huston
Joe A Maine
Josh Leftwich Nc
Craig H Illinois 25 Days!!! Thanks in part to Hooch.
Jimmy P Longview Tx I'm rolling day four, just looking for something else to ease me back
Rick G Massachusetts 4 months tobacco free!
Ryan Wisconsin Unreal. This stuff is simply unreal. Im on day 4 and NOT missing my Grizzly straight. Unreal.
Rf Georgia HOOCH!! Great bite that you need from an alternative!! Tobacco & Nicotine Free at Last!!
Jd Texas Been Dipping a 4 cans a week for 14 years, had my 30th and decided to quit. Found HOOCH online and been mixing up the flavors. 1 Month clean
R Mohr Florida I've dipped for 20+ years... now I don't... it works if you give it a chance... Plain and simple!
Randy Tompkins Texas Ive been dipping for fourteen years. Its time to quit for my family and my health.
William Pearland, Tx 3 weeks of no Copenhagen and feeling great!! Thanks to Hooch!!
Sean Michigan I loved my first order of Hooch and have reordered. This is making the quit so much easier, I don't know how you could quit without this.
Nate Rogets Ready to kick the can!!!
Christopher Lawrence Matagorda, Tx I quit dipping March 23, 2012 at 10:00 p.m.
T Fischer Idaho Im NOT a "quitter", I am stopping tobacco use.
J Whorton Vine Grove, Ky Age 12 to 36 Copenhagen. Age 36 to death - Hooch will be around. 120 days Tobacco Free
Aj Foco, Colorado 2 months kicking the can after 13 years and a million tries....killthecan.org and CHS! Its really tough but with the right support its possible!
Shocko Gotta Quit. Lets go!!!
R Hemingway Connecticut 4/16/2012 start date,went to the doctors and received bad news so its time to quit.
Don Black Canaseraga, Ny I started using Copenhagen when I was 11 years old, I am 50 now. I have tried everything I could find over the years to help me quit, but the only thing that worked was Hooch.
Mark J Port Charlotte, Fl Hooch is the perfect crutch to get you from using addict to clean addict.
Todd Hodges Thank u
Steve Mississippi It's been 1 year 4 months and still have hard cravings. Was dipping 2 cans of Copenhagen a day. I think I may try the regular flavor to see if it help
Arland Holt
Ron Haines 34 years and quitting
Gary Pittsburgh Pa I need something that taste like Copenhagen.That would help me tremendously. I've been chewing cope for 35 years and I'm ready to quit.
Jim Somerville, Ma Hooch + killthecan.org have kept me dip free for almost a year (and counting)! Great product, great service, great people. Thank you
Brett First time in 6 years I've been able to lose my cravings (the first week was the worst), I am on week three now.
Tony Polak Kerens, Texas 43 years of dipping Copenhagen, and I have tried numerous times to quit with no success until I tried Hooch,
Z Ziemba Lincoln, Nebraska I got to say my life has changed for the better ever since I switched to Hooch
Alex M I've dipped just about everything there was to dip and I've been dipping for years. But I decided to quit the habit for good, I have been off of it.
Sb 90 days cope free! Hooch classic and wintergreen have been a big help
Kirk M Iowa
Greg Cowie Quit over a year ago, used all sorts of products, loved yours the most. When down in the States, I stock up.
Marc Colorado I am so happy to be 5 weeks free of 30 plus years of chewing copenhagen. Thought I would never find anything that could help kick the habit
Wp New Jersey Over a year tobacco free! Ive tried other products, but Chattahoochee is the best.
William Roser Four months now and dont miss it
Wade Hatfield Ga I want to quit been dipping for almost 20 years how to kick the habit
Michael Houston Looking to quit - after reading reviews this seems like the product that may help me win
Mike B West Virginia Tried using alternative tobacco quit products before and found they just didn't meet the cravings to beat the habit. Saw Hooch in an article rating top 10 tobacco alternative products and ordered some. I actually ordered from three different companies to try them. Hooch is by far my favorite...great flavors and the packs replace the urge for me to rub. Two months tobacco free and I will continue using Hooch...no doubt!
Nathanw Az
Kerb Bella Vista, Arkansas 35 years of Skoal Wintergreen Longcut and Redman chewing tobacco. Quit cold turkey with the help of Hooch Wintergreen. Had tried others but that didn't do it, but Hooch Wintergreen has eliminated all cravings.
Jamie South Carolina
J Willis The Woodlands, Tx
A G Michigan Have chewed for 20 years- tried quitting MANY times with some success but then ultimately failure. A friend told me about Hooch and I decided to give it a try- NEVER QUIT QUITTING. I am over a month without chew, past craving and even though I use this substitute I don’t feel attached to it as I did with craving nicotine. I feel like I am finally beating chewing tobacco thanks to your product-
Shelly Faraci Ellabell Ga
Mike I had been chewing for several years. I have quit several times only to start up again. Finally found a product that is satisfying and takes the place of addictive tobacco without the dangers associated with it. Thank you Hooch, you probably saved my life.
Jeff H Los Angeles Love this stuff and it helped me quit after 25 years of Copenhagen snuff after I had a stroke on Valentines day 2018
D White Stillwater, Ok Started dipping 40years ago this month. Quit cold turkey three months ago today and Hooch Rough Cut Mint made it easy for me. If I would have known it would have been this easy I would have quit years ago. I didn't struggle with nicotine withdrawals, it was not having something in my lip that made other quit attempts difficult. This time with the help of Hooch, got it made and will never go back to the real stuff.
The Dude From Los Angeles Los Angeles I have tried lots of different Dip Substitutes. Tried the coffee... ouch on the gums and the molasses give you cavities. Tried other brands but they tasted like "You Know What". Hooch Whiskey Flavor is close to the Cope Long Cut I used for more than 35 years. No Cancer at this point and I can actually kiss my wife more. Been off Nicotine now for 18 months. Thanks Hooch. I do want to live long enough to see Grandkids someday.
Gary C Hoschton Ga After a 24 year addiction to Copenhagen, I finally saw the light and I could not have done without Hooch. Thanks you!!!
Wayne Cape Cod, Ma. Thank you hooch. I was able to quit after dipping for 20 years. God bless!
Sinister76 Tampa, Fl My first order of Hooch was placed on July 5th, 2018. I had been a snuff user for over 10yrs, and in the interest of my health I decided to quit as to have a longer life, as to be able to hopefully enjoy life with my loved ones a bit longer. Your product is the one I chose due to reviews, and other research. You truly produce a quality snuff without tobacco/nicotine. Thank you Hooch!
Dennis Elberfeld, In Been dipping for 16 1/2 years. Quit tobacco and nicotine cold turkey using Hooch...
Michael Hackford Clarence, New York 32 year old ball and chain removed with the help of "Hooch". Wished I could find it locally, thanks for a great product.
R Caleb
David Miller Pittsburgh, Pa March 1, 2013. First day of the rest of my life. 24 year, can a day habit in the past.
R.J.R. New Jersey Been dipping for over 30 yrs.I quit once for a couple of yrs. Had to use the nicotine patch & withdrawal was rough. Been back dipping for last 3 yrs. Hooch helped me stay quit this time.
Scott M
Vance Snead Lancaster, Sc This stuff works real nice
S Lossau Chicago, Il
Cc Wi
Dack Shearer Been chewing for 15 years, would love to try this product, and KICK! :)
Angela T
K Meyer Wyoming
Darren H Burnsville, Nc I have been tobacco free for over 1 month now. This is the best substitute I have found.