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Mark R Northeastern Usa Update: Over 18-mos nicotine free thanks to Hooch Snuff & KillTheCan. Quit for my wife & best friend so we can have more yrs together...Love You Babes
Tom R Tucson, Az Dipped Copenhagen for 17 years, quit with prescription and Hooch. Ive been dip free since June 2011, couldnt be happier thanks to Hooch!
Mike California Dipped for 18 yrs, been almost 3 years now since last "real" one. Great substitute.
William L Indiana I have been on the Hooch for over 2 years now and it does the trick.
Chris M New York I would like to keep my jaw and my life. That's why I'm chewing Hooch now.
Michael Nesmith Jacksonville Nc
Jc Switzerland, Florida Just started been 3 days - really like the product- will keep you up on progress
Mark Dodge Lexington i have been chewing for 7 years and i finally quit dip for good.
Nyle I'm looking forward to trying this product!
William Helms
John Moore Clatskanie, Oregon
Steve White
B Willey
Bryan Wines
At Michigan Over a year without a dip helps a lot when the craving kicks in again
D Baker
John D Pittsburgh 3 days without nicotine and just want my Hooch. Pack a lip!
Greg Erie, Pennsylvania
Bobby Calhoun Houston, Texas
Zach Vinson North Carolina I am a bodybuilder and new gym owner but I started dipping at 15 and had a hard time giving it up. Now 29 and Hooch got me where I needed to be.
Jamie Overton Texas
Jeff Steenbergen Sapulpa, Oklahoma Been on cope for 35 years. Have not had any since 5/8/13. Updates to follow.
Hunt T
Brett P
Gary H Tennessee
Cody C Chico Ca 10 days dip free, party time
Anthony Verdone Houston i been trying to quit for a year now! now it is GAME ON!!
Scott Mcdaniel Gilbert, Arizona Went cold turkey and on day 3, started to get those cravings, found Hooch and haven't looked back since.
Jw Oklahoma Been dipping Skoal for about 2 years and smoked Black & Milds for 5 years. Glad I tried Hooch. Definitely a better alternative.
Kfitzee After 26-years of Copenhagen Snuff - This is the first day of quitting! I truly hope Hooch brands can get me through it. Thanks to my beautiful children.
K Bean
Brett Memphis, Tn I've dipped for 35 years and want to quit. I've tried to quit before but failed.
David E Texas
Christian Mogensen
J Stone Lg Virginia
Mark M La Dipped for 15 years and quit for 4 years before going back to dipping. Nothing has seemed to help trying to quit again until Hooch as it is hands down
Sanger S Fort Worth, Tx Cant believe I am actually quitting! The great thing is that Ive been able to convince 4 friends to join me. Thank you Hooch!!
E Tamm
Matt M Sacramento First time trying to quit! Bettin' the farm with Hooch! Glad I'm going to try a product that actually mimics the real thing... Awesome
Cash Lowery Thanks to the Hooch Fox I am happy to say I have ditched The Welfare Bear
Chuck Virginia
Kilmer Louisiana Been mxing w/ Grizzly off and on for 1 month. Now 100% cold turkey. Hooch is the best product out there.
Hunter Unruh Roswell
Kyle Heath
Thomas Mehaffey Mcmurray, Pennsylvania
Dustin B Wisconsin Just ordered my sample pack. Its time to quit!
Kirk Mckindley Bakersfield, Ca Dipped Cope for 20 years, CHS is the closest I have found to replace it.
Briceson Lowrance Bolivar, Tn I love Hooch Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Pope
Bill Lawings Harrisonburg, Va Tobacco free 13 years
O Bohanan Louisville, Tn 30 years copenhagen quit 2 months ago, hooch is the closest sensation to having the real. Thanks hooch, you help fill the craving when i really need it.
Hunter B Connecticut I myself do not chew tobacco. My father and best friend have for the past 20 years. I found this and ordered 2 sleeves. 14 months free between the 2 of them now.
Thom Morgan Wellington, Alabama I dipped Copengahen for 35 years...Hooch snuff was the only reason I was able to quit.
Jon G Ohio 10 days down!! Thanks Hooch!!!
John Huffman Media, Pennsylvania
Nick Kendall
Chris Hawley
Andrew Fabian
J Evans Byron, Ga Quitting one day at a time with Hooch snuff
Cl 3 months free so far.
M Hooper Tobacco Free for a week now!
Michael C Just quit 2 days ago. I'm trying to find an alternative.
Dan Wathan Lakeland, Fl Started when I was 14 and quit 3 days ago now 36. It was something I didn't think I could do. I started using Jack Links jerky chew but wasn't the same.
Dano Rause Greensburg, Pennsylvania I have tried all of the other brands and none of them come close to Hooch!
Tw Calgary
Adam R I have dipped for a total of 10 years and i I have just been able to lay it down with the help of Hooch.
Brett Oregon Have tried to quit chewing Cope several times, Hooch has been the only thing that has worked. Been clean for nine months now.
Z James After 20+ yrs, now 91 hrs into a tobacco free life.. Just got the Hooch in the mail. Checking out the spitfire, definitely mellowing my bad attitude.
Keith Whittington
Jacob Staehli
Dr Michigan I cant wait to start Hooch and stop one of my bad habits.
Brandon Freed Bergton, Va
Steve Willison
Nathan Alexander Arkansas 11 days free. Hoping that when Hooch gets here tomorrow the next 11 are easier. Wish me luck.
Mg Just started and so far so good!
C Switzer Its not easy but Hooch is making it tolerable.
Daniel Miller
Tom Heath Julesburg Colorado I'm 26 never quit chewing before been chewing for 12 years. Chew all the time other then when eating/sleeping. I quit on 1-22-13 I used a electric cigarette, but needed something more.
Jack C San Antonio, Tx Hooch Snuff helped me kick my dipping addiction after 35 years. I have been Tobacco and Nicotine free for over 2 months with the help of Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff.
Matthew W Bismarck, North Dakota
Jesse P Missouri
Joe F
David B California After trying to quit smokeless tobacco after battling an addiction lasting 35 years,I have been tobacco free for 11 days with the help of Hooch.
John B Cleveland, Ohio Its been 2 1/2 year since I had my last tobacco dip. Hooch help me quit after 30 years. Thank you for helping me quit this nasty habit!
Danny Wireman I'd like to quit, I figure this product can help
David T Ohio
Chris Koulizos
Jeremy Dickstein Grain Valley, Missouri
Jeremy Johnson Chester, Il.
Jim Clark
Travis H
Steve Short Mountain Home, Id I used Copenhagen for well over 30 years. Tried many times to quit tobacco, but in reality I guess I never really wanted to quit. I'm 67 and have been diagnosed with heart problems, so it is imperative that I quit. Tried the Hooch Spitfire and finally found a product that has helped me to stay away from tobacco for almost one month now. With Hooch Spitfire I can remain tobacco free.
Paul Fl
Krista Ky
Nathan Ohio
Rdl Alabama
- Iowa I have chewed tobacco for nearly 15yrs. I have wanted to quit several times, but never found the help to do so until I came across this product. It tastes and feels like natural long cut to give that sense of chewing minus the toxins. I have been very pleased with Hooch and would definitely recommend to those who want to quit. I have stopped chewing tobacco for almost a year!
Leo Dipper N.C. A week without dip find myself just wanting to spit. hoping this is the answer. will update as soon as I receive it.
Keith Sparks,Nevada
Kbrook Seattle, Wa
Brian H Northern Virginia 35 days Nicotine Free and counting. Hooch products really do fit the need to get off the tobacco.
Ellison Northwest Ga Quit 9/26/2016 I have made it past a year now. I still order Hooch to curve the cravings I know I will have when I am around my friends who still Chew.
Harvestgirl Nebraska
Mike B West Virginia Tried using alternative tobacco quit products before and found they just didn't meet the cravings to beat the habit. Saw Hooch in an article rating top 10 tobacco alternative products and ordered some. I actually ordered from three different companies to try them. Hooch is by far my favorite...great flavors and the packs replace the urge for me to rub. Two months tobacco free and I will continue using Hooch...no doubt!
Nathanw Az
Kerb Bella Vista, Arkansas 35 years of Skoal Wintergreen Longcut and Redman chewing tobacco. Quit cold turkey with the help of Hooch Wintergreen. Had tried others but that didn't do it, but Hooch Wintergreen has eliminated all cravings.
Jamie South Carolina
J Willis The Woodlands, Tx
A G Michigan Have chewed for 20 years- tried quitting MANY times with some success but then ultimately failure. A friend told me about Hooch and I decided to give it a try- NEVER QUIT QUITTING. I am over a month without chew, past craving and even though I use this substitute I don’t feel attached to it as I did with craving nicotine. I feel like I am finally beating chewing tobacco thanks to your product-
Shelly Faraci Ellabell Ga
Mike I had been chewing for several years. I have quit several times only to start up again. Finally found a product that is satisfying and takes the place of addictive tobacco without the dangers associated with it. Thank you Hooch, you probably saved my life.
Jeff H Los Angeles Love this stuff and it helped me quit after 25 years of Copenhagen snuff after I had a stroke on Valentines day 2018
D White Stillwater, Ok Started dipping 40years ago this month. Quit cold turkey three months ago today and Hooch Rough Cut Mint made it easy for me. If I would have known it would have been this easy I would have quit years ago. I didn't struggle with nicotine withdrawals, it was not having something in my lip that made other quit attempts difficult. This time with the help of Hooch, got it made and will never go back to the real stuff.
The Dude From Los Angeles Los Angeles I have tried lots of different Dip Substitutes. Tried the coffee... ouch on the gums and the molasses give you cavities. Tried other brands but they tasted like "You Know What". Hooch Whiskey Flavor is close to the Cope Long Cut I used for more than 35 years. No Cancer at this point and I can actually kiss my wife more. Been off Nicotine now for 18 months. Thanks Hooch. I do want to live long enough to see Grandkids someday.
Gary C Hoschton Ga After a 24 year addiction to Copenhagen, I finally saw the light and I could not have done without Hooch. Thanks you!!!
Wayne Cape Cod, Ma. Thank you hooch. I was able to quit after dipping for 20 years. God bless!
Sinister76 Tampa, Fl My first order of Hooch was placed on July 5th, 2018. I had been a snuff user for over 10yrs, and in the interest of my health I decided to quit as to have a longer life, as to be able to hopefully enjoy life with my loved ones a bit longer. Your product is the one I chose due to reviews, and other research. You truly produce a quality snuff without tobacco/nicotine. Thank you Hooch!
Zack Oh I have been dipping for 20 years, ive tried to quit numerous times. My wife told me about Chatahoochee about 2.5 months ago so I tried it and have not dipped once since. It tastes very similar to real dip and has helped my need for an oral fixation. I can't say enough good things about Chatahoochee herbal snuff. It has certainly helped me to quit and stay off dip, incredible.
Tanner Tennessee currently 4 months without a dip thanks to this stuff!
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Ryan Todd New Jersey
Roger M Montana Quit using Copenhagen a couple months ago, couldn't have done it without Hootch Spitfire7! Great product, love it.
Wes Hogan Arkansas Veteran, Dad, and Outdoorsman
M H Utah Just started using Hooch this last month and can now say I am tobacco-free. Great product, great flavors and super fast shipping!
Dirk D Nys Over 40 years dipping Cope
L. Shaw Mississippi I’m going on 2 months tobacco free. This is the 3rd brand of herbal dip I’ve tried and I’m done looking. This stuff is too good.
Rusty W Lakeland, Fl. 2 weeks in and Hooch has helped keep the craving down to nothing. It’s ain’t Skoal but it’s pretty darn close. Thanks for a great product!
Chris Pa Dipped for 20 years. I'm now tobacco-free for 2 years. Tried quitting many times, but unable to get the lip burn and spit fix. Still enjoy a dip anytime I want one, but now it is with Hooch. 100% would still be using tobacco if it wasn't for this product, thanks!
Randall C Duncanville Al After almost 40 years I’ve been nicotine free for 50 days so far. I finally threw away my emergency real can with one dip left in it last week. Thanks Hooch
Mrraybans Oklahoma Best herbal snuff to help quit the urges. Love this and so does my wife.
Midwest Yokel Midwest Never have I found a tobacco free alternative that I actually like better than the dip I used to use. Hooch snuff changed that. 4 month free of tobacco and its a great feeling!
Jarod J. Texas I have been dipping Copenhagen since I was 16, now 40. I have 4 awesome kids and a bada$$ wife so it is time to man up. Nothing in life comes easy but if you stick with it you can do anything you want. I HAVE TO QUIT and that is what I am going to do. Hang in there everyone! I will try not to stab anyone in the process lol.
Michael G Enid, Ok Dipped 1 to 2 rolls daily for 26 years. Wanted to cut back and started hooch and decided to see how long I could go before I needed nicotine. Not had anything but hooch on the last 10 months and am looking forward to my year anniversary of writing nicotine. It gets easier as the days turn into months. I initially gained the weight from replacing nicotine with sugar but that craving went away after a couple of months. Hooch is the perfect substitute to fulfill the need to have a dip and spit. Best alternative out there!
Trophyrak Holland Mi Doc said i had to quit. Did some research online and thankfully I found Chattahoochee Hooch products which made quitting so much easier. Kicked the nicotine habit in less than 30 days. Highly recommend the product if you're looking into quitting.
Cw South Carolina I have been dipping for 27 years. I found that having a replacement helped give me the mental edge I need to finally quit.
B Walters Oklahoma Skoal dipper for 30+, have been strictly Hooch since middle of January. Best nicotine free replacement I have found.