We have been asked many times, "Have many people quit using Hooch?"
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Tom R Tucson, Az Dipped Copenhagen for 17 years, quit with Chantix and Hooch. Ive been dip free since June 2011, couldnt be happier thanks to Hooch!
Kevin Danti Culver, In I chewed Skoal for 27 years and quit 3 months ago. Love this product...I was even able to make it through a football clinic, an ex-dippers nightmare.
Lee Reherman I am super disciplined in most things I do, but when it came to quitting dipping I battled for years...Hooch Snuff was the answer!!
Bart Grand Prairie, Texas Gave up Cope over 2 years ago (Jan 2010). Thanks to Hooch.
Rick S California Great Product! Wanted to quit and DID with the help of Hooch! 2 years and havent looked back at all! THANKS!!!
Ryan H Oregon Almost 2 years nicotine-free thanks to Hooch Spitfire
Patrick Naples, Fl Dipped Copenhagen for 20 plus years and this product saved my life!! Dip free for over a year.
Anthony D Cleveland, Tennessee Couldn't have done it without the Hooch!!
Scott R Texas After 20 years of dipping, I finally kicked this terrible habit with the help of Hooch!! My buddies were so amazed that 4 of them are now on Hooch!
Dean South Carolina Been chewing for years and never able to quit. This time Im going to make it, Im taking it slowly and am half way there.
Ray Paige Lynchburg, Virginia No nicotine but great flavor! This has really helped me quit.
Chad P Minnesota 6 months free of the worries of mouth cancer! Thanks Hooch!! Love the product.
Sean S Bozeman, Mt 1 year & 8 months free of Copenhagen after 20+ years use. Thank you Hooch Snuff.
Tim Flinders
Colin E Johns Creek, Ga Its been 3 tough weeks without a dip (after 20 years). Heard about Hooch and just put in my first order. Cant wait to report back on how great it is
Paul Lazenby Redondo Beach i am just starting
Nr “You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you too.” -Roy Campanella
Scott Hotrod330 Just quit after 23 years chewing. It's been harder than I thought and it took a close friend dying from oral cancer to make me do it.
Dp Texas
Chett Scott Illinois
Michelle Moss
John Munger Oklahoma I have dipped copenhagen since I was nine years old. I have been lucky so far, to be 43, with no ill effects. Figured I better quit before my luck
Rick S Lately I've been having the urge to dip again. I quit using tobacco a little over a year ago and didn't want to go back to it.
B Jackson Colorado 7 days free of Copenhagen after 19 years and finally found a suitable replacement with the Spitfire. Hardest part of quitting was replacing the habit
Alan H Maryville, Tennessee Finally quitting grizzly! On week 2 and going strong and I can chew this product at work! It's a win win!
William Pearland, Tx 3 weeks of no Copenhagen and feeling great!! Thanks to Hooch!!
Sean Michigan I loved my first order of Hooch and have reordered. This is making the quit so much easier, I don't know how you could quit without this.
Nate Rogets Ready to kick the can!!!
Christopher Lawrence Matagorda, Tx I quit dipping March 23, 2012 at 10:00 p.m.
T Fischer Idaho Im NOT a "quitter", I am stopping tobacco use.
J Whorton Vine Grove, Ky Age 12 to 36 Copenhagen. Age 36 to death - Hooch will be around. 120 days Tobacco Free
Aj Foco, Colorado 2 months kicking the can after 13 years and a million tries....killthecan.org and CHS! Its really tough but with the right support its possible!
Shocko Gotta Quit. Lets go!!!
R Hemingway Connecticut 4/16/2012 start date,went to the doctors and received bad news so its time to quit.
Don Black Canaseraga, Ny I started using Copenhagen when I was 11 years old, I am 50 now. I have tried everything I could find over the years to help me quit, but the only thing that worked was Hooch.
Mark J Port Charlotte, Fl Hooch is the perfect crutch to get you from using addict to clean addict.
Todd Hodges Thank u
Steve Mississippi It's been 1 year 4 months and still have hard cravings. Was dipping 2 cans of Copenhagen a day. I think I may try the regular flavor to see if it help
Arland Holt
Ron Haines 34 years and quitting
Kevin Rowe I've tried quitting countless times but Hooch was the answer. I finally did it.
Jeff H Perry, Oklahoma
B Spencer Sterrett, Alabama THANKS FOR THE HELP
John N Florida On Day #4 without snuff (Cope) and have dipped for about 25 years. Been using some other brands of herbal snuff but they just don't feel or taste quite like it.
Ben Thompson Casper My first step
Kevin Blank
Josh M Used to dip all the time now I'm only using Hooch
Jh California Nervous about quitting but just ordered the sample roll and looking forward to its arrival.
Scott California Got my first order of Hooch the other day. Got the sample pack and been trying all the flavors. I have to say, this is by far the closest thing to tobacco.
Rk Indian Head Park, Il Waiting for Hooch to arrive..trying to quit after 20 years
Bill Wisconsin Quit cold turkey 8 months ago. After month two I decided to buy some for a hunting trip to ease my cravings. I was a Cope and Bear user for years.
Brad Colorado I don't want to receive any bad news. Cause my cancer is the news I am avoiding. I have tried all kinds of fake dip. Hooch is my #1. 04/26/12.
Tony Phillips Mineral Wells Wv Dipped for 25 years! been 4 months since I quit! thanks Hooch!
John Kap
Jay M
Josh Leftwich Nc
Craig H Illinois 25 Days!!! Thanks in part to Hooch.
Dennis W
Rb Texas
Adam Bratcher Orlando,Fl
Todd K May, Texas Been trying for a while to quit. Thanks to Hooch, I quit two weeks and counting
Joel Sheets Galax, Virginia
Caleb Browning
Lance B Penrose, Colorado After 20 years of chewing Copenhagen, Hooch snuff made it possible to quit without even thinking of starting again. It is so close to real chew, I don't notice the difference.
Aaron A Michigan
Jeff Kelley Scottsburg, In 25 years of tobacco and quit cold turkey with Hooch.
Jt Minnesota I'm slowly weening myself off of Cope by mixing with Hooch. I'm up to half Cope and half Hooch and so far it is really going well!
Jonathan Kurtz
Brian Gentry Ringgold, Georgia I have a beautiful wife and 2 wonderful kids that are counting on me to be here for a good, long while. After 25 years of dipping the Cope, it has been tough quitting.
John B Huntsville, Alabama I dipped Copenhagen for 2 years, my buddy recently gave me a can of Hooch. Once I get the money I plan on chewing hooch for my whole life.
Allen Dunagan
C Raver
D Wilson A need and want to quit chewing tobacco
Mike U Bluffton, Oh After 12 years of a can to two cans a day I am finally 2 weeks tobacco free thanks to HOOCH!!! Thanks for the great product.
Cs Alabama Have tried to quit smokeless tobacco several times in 22 years without success I can honestly say with Hooch Snuff I have been able to quit.
Bt Dipped 21 years...quit 9 days ago. Still going strong
Matthew Poling
Ls Nebraska trying to quit
Gary Pittsburgh Pa I need something that taste like Copenhagen.That would help me tremendously. I've been chewing cope for 35 years and I'm ready to quit.
Jim Somerville, Ma Hooch + killthecan.org have kept me dip free for almost a year (and counting)! Great product, great service, great people. Thank you
Brett First time in 6 years I've been able to lose my cravings (the first week was the worst), I am on week three now.
Tony Polak Kerens, Texas 43 years of dipping Copenhagen, and I have tried numerous times to quit with no success until I tried Hooch,
Z Ziemba Lincoln, Nebraska I got to say my life has changed for the better ever since I switched to Hooch
Alex M I've dipped just about everything there was to dip and I've been dipping for years. But I decided to quit the habit for good, I have been off of it.
Sb 90 days cope free! Hooch classic and wintergreen have been a big help
Kirk M Iowa
Greg Cowie Quit over a year ago, used all sorts of products, loved yours the most. When down in the States, I stock up.
Marc Colorado I am so happy to be 5 weeks free of 30 plus years of chewing copenhagen. Thought I would never find anything that could help kick the habit
Wp New Jersey Over a year tobacco free! Ive tried other products, but Chattahoochee is the best.
William Roser Four months now and dont miss it
Douglas D Louisiana I quit cold turkey and with Hooch I havent even missed the real stuff. It completely fills the oral fixation need. Especially while working outside.
Dana Williams
Matt Mead Shepherd, Michigan 16 Years and quit using Hooch
Christof Florida I never thought I would break the Copenhagen addiction. I LOVED chewing. Tried at least 10 times in the last 30 years, everyone gave up on me, and I am now quit thank to Hooch.
Rick Gunzel New Jersey I've been dipping for...lets just say a long time and every time I have tried to quit ill go a few days or even weeks and I am right back on it.
Douglas B South Amboy, New Jersey 6 weeks quit. Better all the time.
Tyler L Pennsylvania
James Schmerber Rosharon, Texas I'm not looking at this as quitting, because nobody likes a quitter. I'm looking at this as starting to no longer dip.
Eric K New Jersey This stuff really works! Went from 2 cans of skoal a day to 1 can of Hooch! God bless Hooch Snuff!
Sanger S Fort Worth, Tx Cant believe I am actually quitting! The great thing is that Ive been able to convince 4 friends to join me. Thank you Hooch!!
E Tamm
Dennis Elberfeld, In Been dipping for 16 1/2 years. Quit tobacco and nicotine cold turkey using Hooch...
Michael Hackford Clarence, New York 32 year old ball and chain removed with the help of "Hooch". Wished I could find it locally, thanks for a great product.
R Caleb
David Miller Pittsburgh, Pa March 1, 2013. First day of the rest of my life. 24 year, can a day habit in the past.
R.J.R. New Jersey Been dipping for over 30 yrs.I quit once for a couple of yrs. Had to use the nicotine patch & withdrawal was rough. Been back dipping for last 3 yrs. Hooch helped me stay quit this time.
Scott M
Vance Snead Lancaster, Sc This stuff works real nice
S Lossau Chicago, Il
Cc Wi
Dack Shearer Been chewing for 15 years, would love to try this product, and KICK! :)
Angela T
K Meyer Wyoming
Darren H Burnsville, Nc I have been tobacco free for over 1 month now. This is the best substitute I have found.
Seth Dufault Nc After 6 years I'm going to try to quit this seems to be the best alternative
Jason R Iowa After 17 years I'm finally kicking the habit.
Alan G Verona, Pa
Kevin Vicknair
James Pittsfield, Pa
Mark Hoping and praying Hooch Snuff will help me quit!
William Tyler
Jr Toledo, Oh This stuff saved my life. I was dipping all the time and had sore gums and an occasionally sore tongue. With Hooch Snuff I was able to stop.
Freddie Spears Helotes, Texas I tried and like the Whiskey.I'm trying to find a store that might carry Hooch in our area.
Andrew H
Josh Fargo Well after 10+ years of chewing I have decided now is the time to quit. Looking for any and all products that will help me reach my goal.
Nh Washington
Jl Iowa Just ordered CHS natural flavor. Been chewing since I was 24, I've tried other products so I'm really hoping this works.
James Hodgerney Massachusetts
Daniel Seip
T Ballew
Thomas Corley Louisville Ky
Nick D Montana I couldn't quit no matter how hard i tried because my friends dipped too and i would cave with them but now I've been quit for three months thanks to Hooch.
Rob Peel
C Switzer Its not easy but Hooch is making it tolerable.
Daniel Miller
Tom Heath Julesburg Colorado I'm 26 never quit chewing before been chewing for 12 years. Chew all the time other then when eating/sleeping. I quit on 1-22-13 I used a electric cigarette, but needed something more.
Jack C San Antonio, Tx Hooch Snuff helped me kick my dipping addiction after 35 years. I have been Tobacco and Nicotine free for over 2 months with the help of Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff.
Matthew W Bismarck, North Dakota
Jesse P Missouri
Joe F
David B California After trying to quit smokeless tobacco after battling an addiction lasting 35 years,I have been tobacco free for 11 days with the help of Hooch.
John B Cleveland, Ohio Its been 2 1/2 year since I had my last tobacco dip. Hooch help me quit after 30 years. Thank you for helping me quit this nasty habit!
Danny Wireman I'd like to quit, I figure this product can help
David T Ohio
Chris Koulizos
Jeremy Dickstein Grain Valley, Missouri
Jeremy Johnson Chester, Il.
Jim Clark
Travis H