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Mark R Northeastern Usa Update: Over 18-mos nicotine free thanks to Hooch Snuff & KillTheCan. Quit for my wife & best friend so we can have more yrs together...Love You Babes
Kevin Danti Culver, In I chewed Skoal for 27 years and quit 3 months ago. Love this product...I was even able to make it through a football clinic, an ex-dippers nightmare.
Lee Reherman I am super disciplined in most things I do, but when it came to quitting dipping I battled for years...Hooch Snuff was the answer!!
Bart Grand Prairie, Texas Gave up Cope over 2 years ago (Jan 2010). Thanks to Hooch.
Chad P Minnesota 6 months free of the worries of mouth cancer! Thanks Hooch!! Love the product.
William Penland Greenville, South Carolina Been dipping Copenhagen for 22 years..tried all kinds and chose the wintergreen regular cut...been Cope-free for 3 months now!
William B Quinlan, Tx After 23 years, I finally quit. Its been a month now. So much harder than I thought it would be. Determination and Hooch snuff did for me. Thank You
Tucker Portland , Oregon 60 hours tobacco free! I weaned off by mixing Hooch with Kodiak in a Tupperware. So far so good.
Lb Forney I have been a SKOAL man for 30 years - TIME TO QUIT!
Jerry New Port Richey, Florida
Toby Scovel Phx,Az Dip free for 2yrs on 3/27!!!
Matt E Minnesota Quit a few weeks ago, Hooch definitely an invaluable tool in keeping me away from Cope. Thanks
Mike Young Woodsfield, Ohio After 32 Years of smokeless. I am finally done.
Paul Shauger
Joey Baka
David Loy
Derek P
John Stackhouse Ready to quit!
Gary Beasley This is going to be my first time using Hooch and quitting so wish me luck
Ron Harris West Virginia
Scott Smith Ready to quit. Tried before with no success. Hoping this in conjuction with the nicotine patch will work!
Swizzle I wanna quit...hopefully this will be the answer...based on all the testimony I can't wait to get started..
Alex K Enumclaw, Wa Been a dipper since i was 15 and have struggled with it every year since. Have used many other herbal dips but none have come close to being as tobacco like as Hooch
Patrick Hudson Youngstown, Oh I knew that i was as addicted to the habit of having a can, something in my lip and spitting, as i was the nicotine, Hooch has been wonderful for me!
Micah Littlejohn
R Henderson Orange, Tx 30 yrs of dipping. 1 yr of Hooch and tobacco free, Thanks for the products.
Joey E As of yesterday (February 28, 2014), I havent had a dip in 3 years. I could not have done it without faith, family support, & Hooch Snuff.
E Crum
Nick R 1st day yeah
Bd Kentucky Decided to quit, was hoping this stuff could help with the mental part after the nicotine was gone from the system - its doing the trick so far!
Pnc Fort Lauderdale, Florida Day 14! Copenhagen Snuff 8-10 cans a week 27yrs. Hooch Wintergreen 10 cans in 2 weeks! Awesome!
Dustin Marshall
Tim B
John Reid
Olga Navarro Mission, Tx Would like to help my husband quit
Steve Mcgee Little Elm, Texas 48 hours off cope... Hoping for 48 more years...
Brett Honeycutt Harrisburg , North Carolina I'm a professional golfer on the mini tours and cant say how much better Hooch Snuff is to have in when i have a putt to make a cut. Thank you!
David Caravetta Sothborough, Massachusetts Quit for 3 years
Charlie R Louisiana Im 50 yrs and I have been dipping since the age of 8. Am trying this product to quit. Will update my progress
Robert O Gretna, Ne Tried all kinds of things to quit, but this stuff really works. Thank you
Josh Leftwich Nc
Craig H Illinois 25 Days!!! Thanks in part to Hooch.
Gary Pittsburgh Pa I need something that taste like Copenhagen.That would help me tremendously. I've been chewing cope for 35 years and I'm ready to quit.
Jim Somerville, Ma Hooch + killthecan.org have kept me dip free for almost a year (and counting)! Great product, great service, great people. Thank you
Brett First time in 6 years I've been able to lose my cravings (the first week was the worst), I am on week three now.
Tony Polak Kerens, Texas 43 years of dipping Copenhagen, and I have tried numerous times to quit with no success until I tried Hooch,
Z Ziemba Lincoln, Nebraska I got to say my life has changed for the better ever since I switched to Hooch
Alex M I've dipped just about everything there was to dip and I've been dipping for years. But I decided to quit the habit for good, I have been off of it.
Sb 90 days cope free! Hooch classic and wintergreen have been a big help
Kirk M Iowa
Greg Cowie Quit over a year ago, used all sorts of products, loved yours the most. When down in the States, I stock up.
Marc Colorado I am so happy to be 5 weeks free of 30 plus years of chewing copenhagen. Thought I would never find anything that could help kick the habit
Wp New Jersey Over a year tobacco free! Ive tried other products, but Chattahoochee is the best.
William Roser Four months now and dont miss it
Tyler Chapman Im chewing grizzly and it cost to much
Jeremy Lefevers Charlotte, Nc
Michael Kovach
Lorenzo Alegria
Robert Florida 1 day so far uphill battle I'm ready to tackle..waitin on my Hooch to help
Mike M Va
Zack Harman Tn Need to try Hooch Snuff to try and quit dipping.
Ed Bruni
Chris Kniech
Bryan Paulin Dawson Springs Ky
Dg Erie, Pennsylvania Going on 1 month dip free! Thank you Hooch! Can we get these for sale in some Sheetz and Country Fair's up in PA? Thanks!
Jim D Ventnor, New Jersey Man this stuff has been my saving grace. Been addicted to dip since 95 and this herbal snuff has made it so easy for me to quit!!
Landon Green
Jeff J Springhill, Louisiana Dipped Copenhagen for 35 years. Put it down and picked up Hooch Classic on 9/15/2010. Good flavor, great product.
David Harvey East Lansing, Michigan Thanks to Hooch I've been tobacco free for 90 days
Bryce Callihan
Lisle Harris Been free for 6 months now and still going.
Jim F Alexandria, Va Dipped Copenhagen for 30 years- most like you all, I tried many times to quit. It wasn't till I got Stage 3 Cancer that forced me quit and never looked back thank to Hooch.
Jf 1220 Days... with a little help from Hooch!
Michelle Oregon Ive been chewing wintergreen Copenhagen for 10 years and i have decided its time to stop. I think its more of a boredom habit while driving. So i did research and came across the Hooch wintergreen. I figured since i always have the urge to chew i should do something that is healthier for my mouth and still enjoy having it. Here is to day 1 of being tobacco free! Thanks hooch!
K Montana I had a hard time until I found the Classic Regular Cut was closer to real tobacco than anything else I had found. I am glad that Hooch is out there to help other people like me that couldn't quit cold turkey.
Jh Texas finally quit for good. Hooch has satisfied the craving and I'm finally off of tobacco. Thanks for making a great product
Kason Texas
Devin Oregon I had used some form of chewing tobacco for 30+ years. One of my son's friends got me this "something like the real stuff" when I was trying to quit because they thought it would be funny knowing I was wanting some dip really bad. That backfired, this is the best stuff ever!!!!! I have not had any tobacco for over a year now and this product has done the trick every time I have an erg to go buy a can of dip.
Rob Troy, Texas I have dipped snuff for nearly 40 years...it is time for me to quit. I willbe losing a kidney due to the use of snuff and I hope that hooch can make my transition as easy as possible.
Mike E Virginia I've been dipping since I was 15. For 12 years I dipped a can and a half of Copenhagen wintergreen. I tried other tobacco free snuff products but nothing quite did it for me until I found Hooch snuff. It is by far the best fake dip on the market. Its so close to the real deal it almost makes you feel guilty. I'm now going on 3 weeks tobacco free thanks to hooch!
Jed K Oklahoma I quit Jan 5, 2017, and I had dipped for 20 years. Still can't believe I quit. I praise Hooch to other dippers who want to quit. Great product!
Doug Whitehead Missouri Chewed for 42 years Switched to Hooch March 2017. I recommend you give it a try.
Jb Southwest Kansas Going on little over two years ago and still strong.
Rich T Nj Tobacco free for 5 years. Still take it day by day.
Matt Mcdermott Nc Great product
Scotty Hammonds North Carolina
Eric Pa Copenhagen chewer for 15 years, committed to staying tobacco free with Hooch. You won't find anything closer to the real thing on the market today. It's no miracle product, but if you do your part, Hooch will help you tremendously.
Scott K South Ga After 38 years, finally decided it was time to give up Skoal Fine Cut Wintergreen. Bought 5 cans each of 3 different fake dip brands and Hooch will be the only one getitng reordered.
Josh F Minnesota Quit after 10 yrs of chewing, used the Classic Hooch rough cut and has been the most similar to Cope. Great product!
Will4161 Mississippi I dipped for over 10 years and made a new years resolution this year to quit. Thanks Hooch for helping me. Going 2 weeks strong and not looking back.
Chris F. Mckenzie, Tn. I have dipped for about 15 years. Im gonna try Hooch to quit.
Andrew K Columbus, Ohio 5 days in and Hooch is making it much easier!
Ben M Charleston Sc 30 days in to quitting after over 20 years of dipping. Could not do it without Hooch. Thank you for making this amazing product!
Kylee S Colorado I have chewed all of my adult life. I am four days in with no tobacco. Hoping this gets me through the rough patches and triggers.
David P Cincinnati 30 years of dipping and Was able to quit thanks to rough cut Hooch. Been w/o tobacco for 14 months now.
Corey Pryor Missouri
Rf Illinois Former Copenhagen user.
Rich Oregon Coast Off and on user for too many years. This time it's off for good with Hooch as my backup insurance.
Lukus G. Oregon Great product! Whiskey flavor is excellent!
Phillip Monroe Moncks Corner Sc Quit using classic, peach, and key lime.
Ezra Conner Calhoun City, Ms I dipped fine cut for 10 years and Hooch Snuff was the only product that could give me that same feel and burn I was missing. Very happy to find this product.
Darlene Collier 204 North Washington Street Apto
Clarke Lewis Waverly, Tn
Chewie Texas Closest product to the real thing. Going strong for two weeks and counting.
Ty Az Been using hooch for a little over a year and now tobacco free!
Brian B Indianapolis
Smith Minnesota
R Bernhard Victoria, Texas 38 year snuff user...1 month tobacco free with Hooch!!!
Erich Chattanooga,Tn
Patrick Dallas I started chewing when I was a freshman in college and finally decided to quit. I have tried quitting cold turkey but failed in the past and realized I need some stimulation that isn't bad for me. This time I decided to quit because my life insurance test showed nicotine in my system which caused my rate to increase 5 times. I have a wife and kid that I need to look out for and with this I hope to get there.
Loren Hedrick Texas 15 months quit. Thanks to Hooch it was a lot less painful.
Dennyntx Tx 52 years old been dipping Copenhagen since I was 8 can a day day 3 now no problems think I will make it this time mixing 1 can of spitfire with 1 can of cinnamon taste great
Randall Norling Wisconsin I have tried to quit many times, once I started using hooch mint packs I have not even had so much as an urge to go back to Copenhagen mint pouches. Thank you hooch snuff packs.
Mike Idaho It has helped with the cravings and act of chewing. thank you
Tim I Ohio Hooch has a finer smoother cut. Love the peach flavor.
Ralphiup1248 Pennsylvania I have been trying to stop the dipping for at least a year and a half. I chewed for years in college, and then during my 9 years in the Army. I quit for about 3 years until one day I made the worse choice, a dumb choice, and that was to take a dip again one day. Well that one dip has lead to multiple dips and tins later. I have tried other brands of herbal snuff and nothing has worked. So fingers are crossed that Hooch is the answer. Here's to 2 days quit.
Alex L Pa Starting on the adventure to quit for my daughter.
Chris W Birmingham 75 days thanks to Wintergreen Fat Packs!
Gjp Texas After chewing for over 20 years, my youngest son was worried about me getting cancer. I looked into the alternative products and found Hooch to be the best. It is the closest in texture, taste and how you dip to regular chew.
K Smith Virginia Staying quit and going strong with Hooch - great product!
Art Stephens Jr Graham, Wa Hooch made it possible!
Bob W. Oklahoma A lifelong tobacco chewer who has made the switch
Warren From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I used Cope for over 30 years. Was in the hospital for 10 days without nicotine and never looked back with the help of Hooch. Spitfire 7 forever!!!!!!
Ab South Dakota Hooch snuff is the only alternative that doesn't feel like just that an alternative. Smokey Mountain, Bullseye, Grinds and more. I have tried all of them and non of them give you that real feel and taste lie Hooch does. If you are looking for a safer product look no further and don't waste your money on the other brands when you take one dip spit it out and throw the can cause there is no way you could chew it! Hooch is the best!
C Foshie Tennessee
Rich W. New Jersey Been a Police Officer for 20 years and dipping for 28 years. My wife and kids begged me to quit and be there for them. Just placed my 1st order and im pretty stoked to try and prove to them I can do it. I'll be sure to post updates!
Garrett B Florida Been dipping and chewing for 21 years. Tried quitting before, and have used other imitation products. After reading reviews, gonna try me some Hooch. Quit date 5 Dec 19. Wish me luck.
Kvolkerding Georgia Wish I could have started dipping hooch snuff instead of tobacco
Jekino Mi So far this is the best feeling in the lip herbal snuff. Good flavors. It is helping the feel and spit of real dip.
Ed B Fl Off the real stuff for 12 days now. Hooch has been absolutely critical to the mission. Thanks!
Todd Hinnebusch Sherman Texas awesome product and glad I Threw the can away!! No more Tobacco for me!!
Cash Lowery Thanks to the Hooch Fox I am happy to say I have ditched The Welfare Bear
Chuck Virginia
Kilmer Louisiana Been mxing w/ Grizzly off and on for 1 month. Now 100% cold turkey. Hooch is the best product out there.
Hunter Unruh Roswell
Kyle Heath
Thomas Mehaffey Mcmurray, Pennsylvania
Dustin B Wisconsin Just ordered my sample pack. Its time to quit!
Kirk Mckindley Bakersfield, Ca Dipped Cope for 20 years, CHS is the closest I have found to replace it.
Briceson Lowrance Bolivar, Tn I love Hooch Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Pope
Bill Lawings Harrisonburg, Va Tobacco free 13 years
O Bohanan Louisville, Tn 30 years copenhagen quit 2 months ago, hooch is the closest sensation to having the real. Thanks hooch, you help fill the craving when i really need it.
Hunter B Connecticut I myself do not chew tobacco. My father and best friend have for the past 20 years. I found this and ordered 2 sleeves. 14 months free between the 2 of them now.
Thom Morgan Wellington, Alabama I dipped Copengahen for 35 years...Hooch snuff was the only reason I was able to quit.
Jon G Ohio 10 days down!! Thanks Hooch!!!
John Huffman Media, Pennsylvania
Nick Kendall
Chris Hawley
Andrew Fabian
J Evans Byron, Ga Quitting one day at a time with Hooch snuff
Cl 3 months free so far.
M Hooper Tobacco Free for a week now!
Michael C Just quit 2 days ago. I'm trying to find an alternative.
Dan Wathan Lakeland, Fl Started when I was 14 and quit 3 days ago now 36. It was something I didn't think I could do. I started using Jack Links jerky chew but wasn't the same.
Dano Rause Greensburg, Pennsylvania I have tried all of the other brands and none of them come close to Hooch!
Tw Calgary
Adam R I have dipped for a total of 10 years and i I have just been able to lay it down with the help of Hooch.
Brett Oregon Have tried to quit chewing Cope several times, Hooch has been the only thing that has worked. Been clean for nine months now.
Z James After 20+ yrs, now 91 hrs into a tobacco free life.. Just got the Hooch in the mail. Checking out the spitfire, definitely mellowing my bad attitude.
Keith Whittington
Jacob Staehli
Dr Michigan I cant wait to start Hooch and stop one of my bad habits.
Brandon Freed Bergton, Va
Steve Willison
Nathan Alexander Arkansas 11 days free. Hoping that when Hooch gets here tomorrow the next 11 are easier. Wish me luck.
Mg Just started and so far so good!
Seth Dufault Nc After 6 years I'm going to try to quit this seems to be the best alternative
Jason R Iowa After 17 years I'm finally kicking the habit.
Alan G Verona, Pa
Kevin Vicknair
James Pittsfield, Pa
Mark Hoping and praying Hooch Snuff will help me quit!
William Tyler
Jr Toledo, Oh This stuff saved my life. I was dipping all the time and had sore gums and an occasionally sore tongue. With Hooch Snuff I was able to stop.
Freddie Spears Helotes, Texas I tried and like the Whiskey.I'm trying to find a store that might carry Hooch in our area.
Andrew H
Josh Fargo Well after 10+ years of chewing I have decided now is the time to quit. Looking for any and all products that will help me reach my goal.
Nh Washington
Jl Iowa Just ordered CHS natural flavor. Been chewing since I was 24, I've tried other products so I'm really hoping this works.
James Hodgerney Massachusetts
Daniel Seip
T Ballew
Thomas Corley Louisville Ky
Nick D Montana I couldn't quit no matter how hard i tried because my friends dipped too and i would cave with them but now I've been quit for three months thanks to Hooch.
Rob Peel
Dennis Elberfeld, In Been dipping for 16 1/2 years. Quit tobacco and nicotine cold turkey using Hooch...
Michael Hackford Clarence, New York 32 year old ball and chain removed with the help of "Hooch". Wished I could find it locally, thanks for a great product.
R Caleb
David Miller Pittsburgh, Pa March 1, 2013. First day of the rest of my life. 24 year, can a day habit in the past.
R.J.R. New Jersey Been dipping for over 30 yrs.I quit once for a couple of yrs. Had to use the nicotine patch & withdrawal was rough. Been back dipping for last 3 yrs. Hooch helped me stay quit this time.
Scott M
Vance Snead Lancaster, Sc This stuff works real nice
S Lossau Chicago, Il
Cc Wi
Dack Shearer Been chewing for 15 years, would love to try this product, and KICK! :)
Angela T
K Meyer Wyoming
Darren H Burnsville, Nc I have been tobacco free for over 1 month now. This is the best substitute I have found.