We are now proud to offer our product in different cuts to meet the preferences of our customers.

Regular Cut

Our patented composition made from kudzu leaves (pueraria) specifically made to feel like a fine cut tobacco. It will pack in the tin like a fine cut, but holds together a little better in the mouth.

Rough Cut

Our proprietary and patented composition made from a blend of kudzu leaves (pueraria) and mint leaves. It packs like a long cut both in the tin and the mouth. It packs better than our fine cut and better than pure mint products.


Our Packs are similar in size to a Skoal or Grizzly pouch. We have infused the leaf material with the flavor to last long. They come dry, so if you like them a little wet, add a couple drops of water right before you use them. We do not recommend wetting the entire tin.

Fat Packs™

Our NEW FAT PACKS™ are double the size of our Packs. They are meant for people who use multiple pouches or want a pouch similar in size to their regular large pinches. They are also an excellent alternative to long leaf chew.