We offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING on most orders of 20 tins or more at our regular price. A full shipping discount will be automatically applied to your order if it is eligible.

We apply 10% of your product total to your shipping charges for all orders of 20 tins or more. This will typically cover the shipping costs for most orders. If it does not cover the entire shipping charges (see chart below), it will reduce your shipping charges by the amount of the discount.

If actual shipping costs are less than 10% of your product total, we will apply the remainder to your order as a bulk discount.

Rewards for items other than Hooch Snuff, may have additional shipping charges added that will be reduced by the shipping discount, but may not qualify for free shipping.

We ship through the US Post Office and select the least expensive rate. Flat rate services are typically the least expensive option, however there are jumps in costs as we exceed the maximum size for the previous container. These jumps create exceptions as shown below.

See zone map below to determine your zone
Qty Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E
1 - 19 Flat Rate $6.00
23 - 26 FREE SHIPPING Less than $1.30 Less than $2.05 Less than $2.85 Less than $4.00
27 - 29 FREE SHIPPING Less than $0.75 Less than $1.55 Less than $2.60
30 - 31 FREE SHIPPING Less than $0.55 Less than $1.65
32 - 34 FREE SHIPPING Less than $1.00