We have been asked many times, "Have many people quit using Hooch?"
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Lance B Spring, Texas After almost 10 years, I did it! I tried other products on the market but the only one that had the mouth feel for me was the Hooch!
Albert Tucson, Arizona Skoal dipper. I was able to make a transfer to Hooch in 1 day. I still love taking a pinch and Hooch has given me that satisfaction.
Darren P Texas I quit a year and a half ago and thought of going back but Hooch was the answer. Thanks
Rv Davis Junction, Il I've chewed Skoal and Copenhagen since age 14. 28 years later, Hooch snuff has helped me quit for the first time!
John Va 32 years too many
William Just getting started quitting again. Hopefully with help from Hooch will be my last time to quit
Josh Fannin Logan, Ohio
David Green
Matt Laketa
Wylie South Texas Dipped for over 46 years, been lucky so far and have dodged all the bullets. Have never used any alternative chew, hope it works
Henry Rowengartner
Anthony Orlando, Florida I'm trying to quit.
Jm Texas After 43 years, I have finally found something to help me quit!
D Montgomery Schertz, Tx
Zeke Carr West Virginia I stopped using skoal over 13 months ago with the help of Hooch snuff. Was it easy? No! But it worked! This is a good product.
Buddy Gager Gautier, Mississippi
Marcus R Brazil, By Way Of Cali Never thought id be able to put my cope long cut down but is been 11 days cold turkey, haven't had any urges yet.
Arron Yocom Loma, Colorado Chewed cope snuff for 15yrs. 1-2 cans per day. Got a few cans of Hooch, made it easy to quit. Now I just keep a couple cans of hooch around.
Kyle C Reno, Nv
Daniel Peer
Tyler Steele Myrtle Beach,Sc I'm having very bad mouth and gum problems and I have had a hard time stopping. Been chewing for so long, its time to stop
Mark Moriarty
Michael Taylor Huntington West Virginia
Brian Howell Alpharetta, Ga
Jason Roberts Powder Springs I have dipped and or chewed for over 32 year now. I have tried to quit a lot of times but never can find anything to satisfy the urge.
Renick M Mooresville, North Carolina By far the hardest thing I have even done, quitting the chewing/snuff habit. Kicking a 10+ year habit is never easy. The hooch has been the X factor
William Nelson Birmingham, Al Day 2. So far so good.
Rr Iowa
P Peters California Chewed for over 10 years and tried to quit several times with no luck. Tried several replacement chews but Hooch is definitely #1
Mark Monteiro
Jason Hopkins
Jp I am starting to quit for my second time in two years, I am looking forward to using CHS to help quit.
Dustin S Virginia Just placed an order to kick the dipping habit! Can't wait to try Hooch and hope I can finally stop dipping.
Dj Jensen Up North Where It's Cold help me !!!
R Schneckenburger Trying to quit for the second time in 6 months. Had a bad December Started again. Today 1/8/2013 is the start of a new me. I need all the help I can get.
Arron B Been looking for an alternative to help quitting. Tried a few different company's but no success yet. I usually use pouches but also when hunting use loose leaf.
Michael Fox Trying to quit, thinking of trying out some Hooch snuff
Gu This has been a much easier transition than I thought possible.
Tyler Wilds
Patrick Cale Hartford City, Indiana
Mark Jaquith Cassadaga Ny
Ryan Spaniak Mount Pleasant, Nc Well, I never thought it would be this easy, but it was and is! I have been tobacco free for almost a year now! I hope to keep it up.
Eric Ohio Excited to see if this product will work for me. Still waiting on my first can but from everyone on here it looks like I will finally be able to kick the habit.
R Brabham Princeton, Nc I have been dipping Copenhagen for over 18 years. I have quit once for 6 months but fail off the wagon. Looking for a good alternative that tastes a lot like dip.
Ja Colorado
Matt H Dallas, Georgia Ive gone 2 1/2 months without Copenhagen!! Thanks to Hooch snuff. You have helped me with your great product!!!
Eric Can't wait to start
Ross Arrived in the U.K and couldnt get my favourite dip, had to import it! Went onto importing Hooch wintergreen and am now nicotine and tobacco free for 8 months
James H Eustis, Fl
Craig Quit 7 days ago. Been dippin for 17 years.
C Epright South Williamsport, Pennsylvania Going strong after 3 weeks. Hooch is the best tool I ever tried. One day at a time.
Pat O Quit today
Steve Short Mountain Home, Id I used Copenhagen for well over 30 years. Tried many times to quit tobacco, but in reality I guess I never really wanted to quit. I'm 67 and have been diagnosed with heart problems, so it is imperative that I quit. Tried the Hooch Spitfire and finally found a product that has helped me to stay away from tobacco for almost one month now. With Hooch Spitfire I can remain tobacco free.
Paul Fl
Krista Ky
Nathan Ohio
Rdl Alabama
- Iowa I have chewed tobacco for nearly 15yrs. I have wanted to quit several times, but never found the help to do so until I came across this product. It tastes and feels like natural long cut to give that sense of chewing minus the toxins. I have been very pleased with Hooch and would definitely recommend to those who want to quit. I have stopped chewing tobacco for almost a year!
Leo Dipper N.C. A week without dip find myself just wanting to spit. hoping this is the answer. will update as soon as I receive it.
Keith Sparks,Nevada
Kbrook Seattle, Wa
Brian H Northern Virginia 35 days Nicotine Free and counting. Hooch products really do fit the need to get off the tobacco.
Ellison Northwest Ga Quit 9/26/2016 I have made it past a year now. I still order Hooch to curve the cravings I know I will have when I am around my friends who still Chew.
Harvestgirl Nebraska
Ben M Charleston Sc 30 days in to quitting after over 20 years of dipping. Could not do it without Hooch. Thank you for making this amazing product!
Kylee S Colorado I have chewed all of my adult life. I am four days in with no tobacco. Hoping this gets me through the rough patches and triggers.
David P Cincinnati 30 years of dipping and Was able to quit thanks to rough cut Hooch. Been w/o tobacco for 14 months now.
Corey Pryor Missouri
Rf Illinois Former Copenhagen user.
Rich Oregon Coast Off and on user for too many years. This time it's off for good with Hooch as my backup insurance.
Lukus G. Oregon Great product! Whiskey flavor is excellent!
Phillip Monroe Moncks Corner Sc Quit using classic, peach, and key lime.
Ezra Conner Calhoun City, Ms I dipped fine cut for 10 years and Hooch Snuff was the only product that could give me that same feel and burn I was missing. Very happy to find this product.
Darlene Collier 204 North Washington Street Apto
Clarke Lewis Waverly, Tn
Chewie Texas Closest product to the real thing. Going strong for two weeks and counting.
Ty Az Been using hooch for a little over a year and now tobacco free!
Brian B Indianapolis
Smith Minnesota
R Bernhard Victoria, Texas 38 year snuff user...1 month tobacco free with Hooch!!!
Erich Chattanooga,Tn
Patrick Dallas I started chewing when I was a freshman in college and finally decided to quit. I have tried quitting cold turkey but failed in the past and realized I need some stimulation that isn't bad for me. This time I decided to quit because my life insurance test showed nicotine in my system which caused my rate to increase 5 times. I have a wife and kid that I need to look out for and with this I hope to get there.
Loren Hedrick Texas 15 months quit. Thanks to Hooch it was a lot less painful.
Stephanie Price Virginia, Us I quit smokeless tobacco in 2016. I just started using Hooch to kick my nicotine habit. It's now been 1 week since I stopped using my nicotine product and I'm so proud of myself.
Ben E Illinois
Lowell J Ft. Hood, Texas After 37 years of Copenhagen, I was able to quit cold turkey with the help of Hooch. It's only been 4 weeks but I have no urges for real tobacco. Thanks again Hooch. My family thanks you too!
K Wright Linwood North Carolina I love HOOCH!!! I do not crave tobacco any longer.
"Foot" Lee Jamison Moses Lake, Wa I started using Copenhagen in 1965. Stopped 10/10/18 using this product.
Johnny H Texas Started dipping on a golf trip in 1995 at age 15. 10 days using the product and it awesome!!! Plus I’ve got 3 other friends to quit with me :) Tobacco free forever!!! Thank you!!!
Patrick Mobile Al. Skoal..30 years. I quit by buying a sample pack..chose the one I wanted..bought 10 cans of that. Threw the skoal away. Took 3-4 days to get rid of the nicotine in my system...then the habit of dipping I could still satisfy with Hooch. Migrated to peach...with tequilla rose strawberry cream added to it. Not perfect but getting close. I hate skoal..and the nicotine that kept me on it.
Snake Colorado Quit Tobacco and Enjoy Hooch Cinnamon Snuff as a replacement, was chewing Copenhagen for over 30+ years. Thanks Chattahoochee
Kyle F Texas 3 weeks tobacco/nicotine free thanks to Hooch Snuff!!
Paul Wantage, Nj Back on Dec 2013, I wanted to give up Cope after 30+ years of dipping. It was a health related New Year's Resolution. My first Houch product purchased were the samplers. I love all the flavors but I do have my favorites. This month (Dec 2018) makes it 5 years without tobacco and nicotine! I don't miss either one. My overall health has improved as a result of having no nicotine in my system. Thank you Houch!
John Walker Gallatin, Tennessee I just wanted to thank y'all for saving my life. I have been an avid dipper since I was 18 and I am now 25. I started dipping Copenhagen when I joined
Daniel Lowe
Charles Williams Nashville
Nf Oklahoma
Tim Thompson
Joshua Lanclos Louisiana
C Prince Mexico, Missouri
Bz California Give Hooch Snuff a try today and quit using that smokeless tobacco. I started at a young age (10 yo) and finally stopped over four years ago.
Peter E Illinois
Justin Allen
Clifford Burk
Scott Burnside Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Jamie Eckenrode
Dean Edwards Northwood, Oh Quit 55 days ago
Sm Trying something new to quit. Last time it was Nicorette and mints. This time it's Hooch.
Jeff P
Matt North Carolina Just ordered some Hooch. Looking forward to the great flavors and cant wait for it to come! Very excited about ditching the can, and hope this helps.
Kb New Mexico Chewed cope for 33 years.
Tom C Illinois After 30+ yrs. of chewing, Hooch made it relatively easy to quit. Thanks Hoochsnuff!
Mm Texas Thanks to Hooch I have a fighting chance. 1 month no cope
John Nunley Texas I wanna be there when my son needs me I have to quit for him and me.
Paul M Bend, Oregon My three girls pleaded for me to stop cope (29 year cope dipper), trying to find the right taste. Deciding between classic and whiskey, keeping fingers crossed.
David L Miller Taylorsville, North Carolina
Steven Dallas, Tx Just starting today tobacco free with the help of Hooch!
Coop Indiana
Richard Martin
James W Idaho Attempting to quit Cope. I hope this works! Love the product!
Zach Littrell Waynesburg Pa I quit after 12 Years if dipping cope
David Burns I'm ready to quit just need the help
Jim Newton
Tl Jacksonville, Fl Tobacco free today and looking for an alternative. I read enough success stories and the quality of this product that I'm placing my first order today
Michael Norris Would love to try the product. I really want to quit.
Kendall Roberts Oklahoma I have dipped for 27 years, I started the quit process using Chantix but, it wasnt enough, i still needed something to put in my lip. Hooch chew works