We have been asked many times, "Have many people quit using Hooch?"
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David Pape Rochester, Ny Dipped for 25 + years and quit a little over a year ago. Staying quit by using Hooch, the best of the "fake" dips Ive tried.
Mike R Texas I started dipping at 17, in 1977. Hardcore Copenhagen user since 78. Tony Gwynn's death hit me hard. Quit that day and thanks to you, never went back
Jason Murray
Kip Y Concord, Ca Kickin Cope...lets do this!!!
Dylan Hillsboro, Ohio Quit for 6 days now. Feel pretty good. Got a dentist appointment Thursday which hopefully will give me a clean bill of health.
Evan Hults
Scott Ginkowski Racine Time to quit
Justin H South Dakota Tried other products, this is by far the best out there!
Ben P Durango, Co This is the only dip substitute that comes close, REALLY close. They pulled out all the stops on these, a very enjoyable dipping experience!
Casey Wilson Napa, California 25 years dipping, going to give it a shot
Roger Z Minnesota Chewed from 07-15... this was a great substituted to get over the need of something in my lip. Havent chewed nicotine in almost 2 years.
Michael C Alabama What a help! Wish I could buy local.
R2134 Al Just joining. After all these years, its time I stopped. Tastes great and I look forward to being dip free!
Ken Williams Been thinking about quitting for a while and I couldn't think of a better gift for my fiancé than to quit chewing.
Michael B Manteca Ca Its just like the real thing! All the dip experience without the health problems
Phil Florida
Rebekah Thompson Trying to help my husband quit
Jeremy Escamilla Dallas, Texas This is the greatest imitation of dip I have ever used. If you mix half a can of classic and half a can of spitfire, it tastes great.
Russell A Troy , Ny Looking forward to using Hooch and laying down the carcinogen laced tobacco dip. Gonna take some time but I'm up for it.!! Good luck friends....keep up the good work.
Travis M
Co 09/22/13 is the quit date!!
Chase Taylor Lubbock, Texas
Brian Blevins Been dipping 22 years, ready to quit. Been looking and found this interesting
Steve Jones
Phillip Genry
Am Texas 75 Days Cope free and a tuff battle. I placed an order for some Hooch to help ease the craving!!
Corey B St. Louis, Mo Without Hooch and the support from www.killthecan.org I would not have been able to quit feeding my addiction. Thank you all.
Kyle Just started my first week of no tobacco and hoping that after I finda can of Hooch it will help withthe habit
Chase Dodd
Kz Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
William Gooch Warsaw Mo
Michelle Oregon Ive been chewing wintergreen Copenhagen for 10 years and i have decided its time to stop. I think its more of a boredom habit while driving. So i did research and came across the Hooch wintergreen. I figured since i always have the urge to chew i should do something that is healthier for my mouth and still enjoy having it. Here is to day 1 of being tobacco free! Thanks hooch!
K Montana I had a hard time until I found the Classic Regular Cut was closer to real tobacco than anything else I had found. I am glad that Hooch is out there to help other people like me that couldn't quit cold turkey.
Jh Texas finally quit for good. Hooch has satisfied the craving and I'm finally off of tobacco. Thanks for making a great product
Kason Texas
Devin Oregon I had used some form of chewing tobacco for 30+ years. One of my son's friends got me this "something like the real stuff" when I was trying to quit because they thought it would be funny knowing I was wanting some dip really bad. That backfired, this is the best stuff ever!!!!! I have not had any tobacco for over a year now and this product has done the trick every time I have an erg to go buy a can of dip.
Rob Troy, Texas I have dipped snuff for nearly 40 years...it is time for me to quit. I willbe losing a kidney due to the use of snuff and I hope that hooch can make my transition as easy as possible.
Mike E Virginia I've been dipping since I was 15. For 12 years I dipped a can and a half of Copenhagen wintergreen. I tried other tobacco free snuff products but nothing quite did it for me until I found Hooch snuff. It is by far the best fake dip on the market. Its so close to the real deal it almost makes you feel guilty. I'm now going on 3 weeks tobacco free thanks to hooch!
Jed K Oklahoma I quit Jan 5, 2017, and I had dipped for 20 years. Still can't believe I quit. I praise Hooch to other dippers who want to quit. Great product!
Doug Whitehead Missouri Chewed for 42 years Switched to Hooch March 2017. I recommend you give it a try.
Jb Southwest Kansas Going on little over two years ago and still strong.
Rich T Nj Tobacco free for 5 years. Still take it day by day.
Matt Mcdermott Nc Great product
Scotty Hammonds North Carolina
Eric Pa Copenhagen chewer for 15 years, committed to staying tobacco free with Hooch. You won't find anything closer to the real thing on the market today. It's no miracle product, but if you do your part, Hooch will help you tremendously.
Scott K South Ga After 38 years, finally decided it was time to give up Skoal Fine Cut Wintergreen. Bought 5 cans each of 3 different fake dip brands and Hooch will be the only one getitng reordered.
Josh F Minnesota Quit after 10 yrs of chewing, used the Classic Hooch rough cut and has been the most similar to Cope. Great product!
Will4161 Mississippi I dipped for over 10 years and made a new years resolution this year to quit. Thanks Hooch for helping me. Going 2 weeks strong and not looking back.
Chris F. Mckenzie, Tn. I have dipped for about 15 years. Im gonna try Hooch to quit.
Andrew K Columbus, Ohio 5 days in and Hooch is making it much easier!
Ben M Charleston Sc 30 days in to quitting after over 20 years of dipping. Could not do it without Hooch. Thank you for making this amazing product!
Kylee S Colorado I have chewed all of my adult life. I am four days in with no tobacco. Hoping this gets me through the rough patches and triggers.
David P Cincinnati 30 years of dipping and Was able to quit thanks to rough cut Hooch. Been w/o tobacco for 14 months now.
Corey Pryor Missouri
Rf Illinois Former Copenhagen user.
Rich Oregon Coast Off and on user for too many years. This time it's off for good with Hooch as my backup insurance.
Lukus G. Oregon Great product! Whiskey flavor is excellent!
Phillip Monroe Moncks Corner Sc Quit using classic, peach, and key lime.
Ezra Conner Calhoun City, Ms I dipped fine cut for 10 years and Hooch Snuff was the only product that could give me that same feel and burn I was missing. Very happy to find this product.
Darlene Collier 204 North Washington Street Apto
Clarke Lewis Waverly, Tn
Chewie Texas Closest product to the real thing. Going strong for two weeks and counting.
Ty Az Been using hooch for a little over a year and now tobacco free!
Brian B Indianapolis
Smith Minnesota
R Bernhard Victoria, Texas 38 year snuff user...1 month tobacco free with Hooch!!!
Erich Chattanooga,Tn
Patrick Dallas I started chewing when I was a freshman in college and finally decided to quit. I have tried quitting cold turkey but failed in the past and realized I need some stimulation that isn't bad for me. This time I decided to quit because my life insurance test showed nicotine in my system which caused my rate to increase 5 times. I have a wife and kid that I need to look out for and with this I hope to get there.
Loren Hedrick Texas 15 months quit. Thanks to Hooch it was a lot less painful.
Dd Hooch Snuff is the best herbal alternative!!
K Cooper Georgia
Brian S Colorado Quitting to get my health back on track.
Bradley B Hooch helped so much, so glad I decided to stop
Gt Been dipping for over 40 years. Stopped a week ago today
Chris M
Jason Franklin Emlenton Pa Need to stop tobacco!! Not looking forward to it. I am 38 and started when I was 14!!!!!!!!!
Luc Hansen
Chris Slagle Ready to kick this habit
John C Wyoming I've ordered some Hooch, and am making a commitment to quit a habit that goes back over thirty years, with some long quits. My problem? I like it!! Hooch let's me do it without the harmful effects.
Derek S Town Creek, Al
Js North Carolina I'm 44 years old and have been clean of Copenhagen for 1 year now with the help of Hooch snuff. The only problem is I'm now hooked on the Hooch, Ha! Ha!
Aaron M Minnesota 1 Month quit and not looking back thanks to Hooch
Brian Johnson Holden, West Virginia Haven't yet but i will soon as it gets here
Terry J Alberta In the process of kicking the habit. Looking for an alternative.
Jody S Just quit today. its gonna be a long road but i know i can do it.
Craig Huber Indiana
Dylan Mcdonald
Steven Pittsburgh, Pa
Chris O Clermont, Fl After 25 years just quit about 5 days ago for myself but mostly for my wife and little girl. I had been struggling to find something that comes close to tobacco. Hooch is by far the best.
S Sallee
Tc Middletown, Oh Ready to quit so I just bought my first cans of Hooch! Can't wait to try the Spitfire!
Pete Cleveland, Ga I have been tobacco free for two weeks now going to order more Hootch snuff.