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Mark R Northeastern Usa Update: Over 18-mos nicotine free thanks to Hooch Snuff & KillTheCan. Quit for my wife & best friend so we can have more yrs together...Love You Babes
Tom R Tucson, Az Dipped Copenhagen for 17 years, quit with prescription and Hooch. Ive been dip free since June 2011, couldnt be happier thanks to Hooch!
Darren P Texas I quit a year and a half ago and thought of going back but Hooch was the answer. Thanks
A Sheriff Georgia After dipping Copenhagen for 31 years, I've been tobacco free for 3 months using SPITFIRE.
Robert Howell Love Copenhagen long cut wintergreen, but need to quit.
Jason Texas Hooch helped me quit tobacco for good. It's the best stuff around
Nate Stone Nashville Ga I've dipped 15 years and gonna try this out and hope I can quit.
Wm Washington Have been chewing for 30+ years and with the help of Hooch wintergreen and the taper down method, it wasn't too bad.
Mike Warren, Pa After 20 years..... quit.
Billy W Jacksonville Fl after 30 years of copenhagen I was able to quit.
Spiderfish Pike County, Georgia New year's resolution, Quit Dipping Snuff! Just ordered some Hooch. Pray for me and wish me luck.
John Florida
Brent H Canton, Oh 35+ year Copenhagen snuff user and I'm on day 8 tobacco free nicotine free thanks to HOOCH Classic I've tried every herbal tobacco free fake what have ya etc...etc...on the market and nothing stopped the Copenhagen monkey cravings like Classic HOOCH. Never going back thanks to hooch
Seth S Northwest, Ga This product is a great help to quiting. If you are on the fence just do it and dont look back
Mike Washingtpon State My wife ordered me the Hooch after a few attempts with nicotine gum. I have been using the Hooch for 2 weeks and it absolutely is the best chance yet to quit. She is a Pharmacy Technician and the last straw was seeing a man who had to have his lower lip removed a few weeks ago, She is so happy with my progress that other areas of life are improving!!
Leslie C Indiana I love these herbal chews. Ive quit smoking after 32 years. Definitely try these!
Chris E Olympia, Wa 21-year user of Cope...I was ready to quit but I needed something that could give me that sensation of having a chew in my lip. I tried a lot of products but Hooch is the only one that got it right. Thanks guys!
Greg Sensat Louisiana I quit dipping after 20 year, I started using hooch classic instead and have not had a real dip in 3 years
Ryan Detroit Ive been on and off with dip for years. Hooch has helped me to kick the nicotine. Now I'm one step closer to complete freedom from dip.
Ken Garner Missouri
Brad Sharpe Tulsa Oklahoma After dipping for 20 years, hooch helped me with cravings and in two weeks I'm 100 percent hooch. The flavors and texture are better then the real deal.
A Meloni Jacksonville, Nc After 25yrs of dipping Copenhagen I quit and have been using Hooch for almost 4yrs.
Tyler Chapman Im chewing grizzly and it cost to much
Jeremy Lefevers Charlotte, Nc
Michael Kovach
Lorenzo Alegria
Robert Florida 1 day so far uphill battle I'm ready to tackle..waitin on my Hooch to help
Mike M Va
Zack Harman Tn Need to try Hooch Snuff to try and quit dipping.
Ed Bruni
Chris Kniech
Bryan Paulin Dawson Springs Ky
Dg Erie, Pennsylvania Going on 1 month dip free! Thank you Hooch! Can we get these for sale in some Sheetz and Country Fair's up in PA? Thanks!
Jim D Ventnor, New Jersey Man this stuff has been my saving grace. Been addicted to dip since 95 and this herbal snuff has made it so easy for me to quit!!
Landon Green
Jeff J Springhill, Louisiana Dipped Copenhagen for 35 years. Put it down and picked up Hooch Classic on 9/15/2010. Good flavor, great product.
David Harvey East Lansing, Michigan Thanks to Hooch I've been tobacco free for 90 days
Bryce Callihan
Lisle Harris Been free for 6 months now and still going.
Jim F Alexandria, Va Dipped Copenhagen for 30 years- most like you all, I tried many times to quit. It wasn't till I got Stage 3 Cancer that forced me quit and never looked back thank to Hooch.
Jf 1220 Days... with a little help from Hooch!
Rv Davis Junction, Il I've chewed Skoal and Copenhagen since age 14. 28 years later, Hooch snuff has helped me quit for the first time!
John Va 32 years too many
William Just getting started quitting again. Hopefully with help from Hooch will be my last time to quit
Josh Fannin Logan, Ohio
David Green
Matt Laketa
Wylie South Texas Dipped for over 46 years, been lucky so far and have dodged all the bullets. Have never used any alternative chew, hope it works
Henry Rowengartner
Anthony Orlando, Florida I'm trying to quit.
Jm Texas After 43 years, I have finally found something to help me quit!
T Martin Apo, New York 23 years of Cope and I've been free for almost one month now. I couldn't imagine doing this without using this alternative. Good idea and good product!
Gw Union City, Pennsylvania nice when fishing
Kevin Obrien
Edward Sickler Sidney, New York
Forrest D Clarksville, Tn No more quitting. This is the last time for me!
Jeff Hill Mc Calla, Alabama Been smoking & dipping for 25 years, seriously need to quit for health and insurance reasons. Looking forward to trying Hooch.
Troy A Finally going to quit the habit and found the reviews on Hooch herbal snuff to be very good.
J Pullman
Bryan Wilkison
Sanger S Fort Worth, Tx Cant believe I am actually quitting! The great thing is that Ive been able to convince 4 friends to join me. Thank you Hooch!!
E Tamm
Jason Hopkins
Jp I am starting to quit for my second time in two years, I am looking forward to using CHS to help quit.
Dustin S Virginia Just placed an order to kick the dipping habit! Can't wait to try Hooch and hope I can finally stop dipping.
Dj Jensen Up North Where It's Cold help me !!!
R Schneckenburger Trying to quit for the second time in 6 months. Had a bad December Started again. Today 1/8/2013 is the start of a new me. I need all the help I can get.
Arron B Been looking for an alternative to help quitting. Tried a few different company's but no success yet. I usually use pouches but also when hunting use loose leaf.
Michael Fox Trying to quit, thinking of trying out some Hooch snuff
Gu This has been a much easier transition than I thought possible.
Tyler Wilds
Patrick Cale Hartford City, Indiana
Mark Jaquith Cassadaga Ny
Ryan Spaniak Mount Pleasant, Nc Well, I never thought it would be this easy, but it was and is! I have been tobacco free for almost a year now! I hope to keep it up.
Eric Ohio Excited to see if this product will work for me. Still waiting on my first can but from everyone on here it looks like I will finally be able to kick the habit.
R Brabham Princeton, Nc I have been dipping Copenhagen for over 18 years. I have quit once for 6 months but fail off the wagon. Looking for a good alternative that tastes a lot like dip.
Ja Colorado
Matt H Dallas, Georgia Ive gone 2 1/2 months without Copenhagen!! Thanks to Hooch snuff. You have helped me with your great product!!!
Eric Can't wait to start
Ross Arrived in the U.K and couldnt get my favourite dip, had to import it! Went onto importing Hooch wintergreen and am now nicotine and tobacco free for 8 months
James H Eustis, Fl
Craig Quit 7 days ago. Been dippin for 17 years.
C Epright South Williamsport, Pennsylvania Going strong after 3 weeks. Hooch is the best tool I ever tried. One day at a time.
Pat O Quit today
Steve Short Mountain Home, Id I used Copenhagen for well over 30 years. Tried many times to quit tobacco, but in reality I guess I never really wanted to quit. I'm 67 and have been diagnosed with heart problems, so it is imperative that I quit. Tried the Hooch Spitfire and finally found a product that has helped me to stay away from tobacco for almost one month now. With Hooch Spitfire I can remain tobacco free.
Paul Fl
Krista Ky
Nathan Ohio
Rdl Alabama
- Iowa I have chewed tobacco for nearly 15yrs. I have wanted to quit several times, but never found the help to do so until I came across this product. It tastes and feels like natural long cut to give that sense of chewing minus the toxins. I have been very pleased with Hooch and would definitely recommend to those who want to quit. I have stopped chewing tobacco for almost a year!
Leo Dipper N.C. A week without dip find myself just wanting to spit. hoping this is the answer. will update as soon as I receive it.
Keith Sparks,Nevada
Kbrook Seattle, Wa
Brian H Northern Virginia 35 days Nicotine Free and counting. Hooch products really do fit the need to get off the tobacco.
Ellison Northwest Ga Quit 9/26/2016 I have made it past a year now. I still order Hooch to curve the cravings I know I will have when I am around my friends who still Chew.
Harvestgirl Nebraska
Dennyntx Tx 52 years old been dipping Copenhagen since I was 8 can a day day 3 now no problems think I will make it this time mixing 1 can of spitfire with 1 can of cinnamon taste great
Randall Norling Wisconsin I have tried to quit many times, once I started using hooch mint packs I have not even had so much as an urge to go back to Copenhagen mint pouches. Thank you hooch snuff packs.
Mike Idaho It has helped with the cravings and act of chewing. thank you
Tim I Ohio Hooch has a finer smoother cut. Love the peach flavor.
Ralphiup1248 Pennsylvania I have been trying to stop the dipping for at least a year and a half. I chewed for years in college, and then during my 9 years in the Army. I quit for about 3 years until one day I made the worse choice, a dumb choice, and that was to take a dip again one day. Well that one dip has lead to multiple dips and tins later. I have tried other brands of herbal snuff and nothing has worked. So fingers are crossed that Hooch is the answer. Here's to 2 days quit.
Alex L Pa Starting on the adventure to quit for my daughter.
Chris W Birmingham 75 days thanks to Wintergreen Fat Packs!
Gjp Texas After chewing for over 20 years, my youngest son was worried about me getting cancer. I looked into the alternative products and found Hooch to be the best. It is the closest in texture, taste and how you dip to regular chew.
K Smith Virginia Staying quit and going strong with Hooch - great product!
Art Stephens Jr Graham, Wa Hooch made it possible!
Bob W. Oklahoma A lifelong tobacco chewer who has made the switch
Warren From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I used Cope for over 30 years. Was in the hospital for 10 days without nicotine and never looked back with the help of Hooch. Spitfire 7 forever!!!!!!
Ab South Dakota Hooch snuff is the only alternative that doesn't feel like just that an alternative. Smokey Mountain, Bullseye, Grinds and more. I have tried all of them and non of them give you that real feel and taste lie Hooch does. If you are looking for a safer product look no further and don't waste your money on the other brands when you take one dip spit it out and throw the can cause there is no way you could chew it! Hooch is the best!
C Foshie Tennessee
Rich W. New Jersey Been a Police Officer for 20 years and dipping for 28 years. My wife and kids begged me to quit and be there for them. Just placed my 1st order and im pretty stoked to try and prove to them I can do it. I'll be sure to post updates!
Garrett B Florida Been dipping and chewing for 21 years. Tried quitting before, and have used other imitation products. After reading reviews, gonna try me some Hooch. Quit date 5 Dec 19. Wish me luck.
Kvolkerding Georgia Wish I could have started dipping hooch snuff instead of tobacco
Jekino Mi So far this is the best feeling in the lip herbal snuff. Good flavors. It is helping the feel and spit of real dip.
Ed B Fl Off the real stuff for 12 days now. Hooch has been absolutely critical to the mission. Thanks!
Todd Hinnebusch Sherman Texas awesome product and glad I Threw the can away!! No more Tobacco for me!!
Cash Lowery Thanks to the Hooch Fox I am happy to say I have ditched The Welfare Bear
Chuck Virginia
Kilmer Louisiana Been mxing w/ Grizzly off and on for 1 month. Now 100% cold turkey. Hooch is the best product out there.
Hunter Unruh Roswell
Kyle Heath
Thomas Mehaffey Mcmurray, Pennsylvania
Dustin B Wisconsin Just ordered my sample pack. Its time to quit!
Kirk Mckindley Bakersfield, Ca Dipped Cope for 20 years, CHS is the closest I have found to replace it.
Briceson Lowrance Bolivar, Tn I love Hooch Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Pope
Bill Lawings Harrisonburg, Va Tobacco free 13 years
O Bohanan Louisville, Tn 30 years copenhagen quit 2 months ago, hooch is the closest sensation to having the real. Thanks hooch, you help fill the craving when i really need it.
Hunter B Connecticut I myself do not chew tobacco. My father and best friend have for the past 20 years. I found this and ordered 2 sleeves. 14 months free between the 2 of them now.
Thom Morgan Wellington, Alabama I dipped Copengahen for 35 years...Hooch snuff was the only reason I was able to quit.
Jon G Ohio 10 days down!! Thanks Hooch!!!
John Huffman Media, Pennsylvania
Nick Kendall
Chris Hawley
Andrew Fabian
J Evans Byron, Ga Quitting one day at a time with Hooch snuff
Cl 3 months free so far.
M Hooper Tobacco Free for a week now!
Michael C Just quit 2 days ago. I'm trying to find an alternative.
Dan Wathan Lakeland, Fl Started when I was 14 and quit 3 days ago now 36. It was something I didn't think I could do. I started using Jack Links jerky chew but wasn't the same.
Dano Rause Greensburg, Pennsylvania I have tried all of the other brands and none of them come close to Hooch!
Tw Calgary
Adam R I have dipped for a total of 10 years and i I have just been able to lay it down with the help of Hooch.
Brett Oregon Have tried to quit chewing Cope several times, Hooch has been the only thing that has worked. Been clean for nine months now.
Z James After 20+ yrs, now 91 hrs into a tobacco free life.. Just got the Hooch in the mail. Checking out the spitfire, definitely mellowing my bad attitude.
Keith Whittington
Jacob Staehli
Dr Michigan I cant wait to start Hooch and stop one of my bad habits.
Brandon Freed Bergton, Va
Steve Willison
Nathan Alexander Arkansas 11 days free. Hoping that when Hooch gets here tomorrow the next 11 are easier. Wish me luck.
Mg Just started and so far so good!
D Bischak South Texas
Stanley Charles
Ben H Tried the patch but developed red welts
Ct New Jersey Dipped skoal straight for 4 years without a day off...now I am dip free for one week so far and im keepin on strong
Mack Evans Hope this works, tired of dipping and if i can quit will make the mrs. very happy!!!!!
Durant Louisiana day one - 8/6/12. Sample pack on the way for Thursday delivery. need your prayers, everyone.
B Mosby Missouri 50 days on herbal chew
Jack S Am about to quit right now
Gr Burbank, Ca Actually more satisfying than tobacco snuff. I am never going back as long as they keep making it.
Tz Buffalo, Ny Just ordered mine, am very excited to try it out
Jeff Rhodes Jacksonville , Florida Quit again at the 7 month mark and Hooch has made an easy transition
Eg Chattanooga, Tn I quit on 9/26/16 and Hooch helped me a ton! I wouldnt have been the first 2 weeks without it.
Jimmy B Memphis, Tennessee After 14 years, I never thought I was going to be able to give up dipping. That stuff is hard to beat alone, but with my new found Hooch, its not so hard.
Joshua Bryson
Tom S Pennsylvania This Friday is my Quit day. 20 years and i want to do it now. Ill have my Hooch today to start my journey,wish me luck.
David Wilson Arnold, Pennsylvania
Terry Hall
Michelle H Portland, Oregon
Al Trevino i want to try this product out. I want to quit dipping
Kev L Romulus Mi Haven't had any Kodiak for 6 months, but still dream of it everyday
H Kim
Henryton Trotter I started dipping at the age of 13, and I have try different method and have been unsuccessful.
Gt I've been chewing for 18 years time to quit
Cs Smyrna, Tennessee 17 days and still going strong!!
Marc Wist
Jason Oklahoma Quit Copenhagen 2 weeks ago thanks to HOOCH.
Lw Tried everything to quit and couldn't until i found Hooch herbal snuff! what a difference its made
Ds Minnesota Going to make quitting stick this time around.
Casey C Nebraska Just starting to think about quitting, looking for something to help
Iceman16 Nc Ready to quit after dipping since I was 15 playing high school/travel baseball. Now I am 37 with twin daughters that are 12. I want to do all I can to be there for them.
George W Oregon
S Smith Farmersburg
Eh North Carolina 3 months clean!
R Blair Jr. Howland, Ohio 18 days since my last dip. want to keep it that way!
Wb Brockton I have been 5 months without Skoal, and I still have the urge every once in a while. Not sure if a if this will help, or if I should stay cold turkey.
Donald Scottjr
Jason Curtis Goodyear, Az
Sankalp Shanbhag
C Switzer Its not easy but Hooch is making it tolerable.
Daniel Miller
Tom Heath Julesburg Colorado I'm 26 never quit chewing before been chewing for 12 years. Chew all the time other then when eating/sleeping. I quit on 1-22-13 I used a electric cigarette, but needed something more.
Jack C San Antonio, Tx Hooch Snuff helped me kick my dipping addiction after 35 years. I have been Tobacco and Nicotine free for over 2 months with the help of Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff.
Matthew W Bismarck, North Dakota
Jesse P Missouri
Joe F
David B California After trying to quit smokeless tobacco after battling an addiction lasting 35 years,I have been tobacco free for 11 days with the help of Hooch.
John B Cleveland, Ohio Its been 2 1/2 year since I had my last tobacco dip. Hooch help me quit after 30 years. Thank you for helping me quit this nasty habit!
Danny Wireman I'd like to quit, I figure this product can help
David T Ohio
Chris Koulizos
Jeremy Dickstein Grain Valley, Missouri
Jeremy Johnson Chester, Il.
Jim Clark
Travis H