Reward Program


Elciemje Innovations, Inc. provides a reward points program through our websites and brands.  


Our program is designed to provide rewards for product purchases and redemption of rewards for products and services on any of our websites and stores. 

 as a set number of points for each product purchased.  Specific points are allocated based on the product and may not include all products.  These points do not have a monetary value and cannot be used for anything other than use on our website.

You can find your points balance on the My Account section of our website.


Our program is designed to allow the use of accumulated points to apply to purchases of products and / or services.  Each product also has a required number of points needed and may not include all products.  

To redeem, you must be logged in to your account and have enough points accumulated in order to purchase the product.  The option to use your reward points is available on our Product Detail page.  You will need to click on the product on our Cart to get to the Product Detail page.  Points cannot be used on our shop page.


You can find your points balance on the My Account section of our website.

Your point account balance is calculated by our system.  

Our system at times may provide inaccurate information as to your points account balance.  If you believe it to be inaccurate or you cannot redeem your point balance, please Contact Us through our website.  

Should our site allow redemption of points not actually available, your balance may go negative.  If such a case happens, one of the following options will occur at the sole discretion of Elciemje Innovations, Inc. :

  • You remain responsible for the purchase of those products and will be charged for them.
  • Your reward point balance may go negative.  With a negative balance, redemption will not be permitted until you have accrued enough points to return to a positive balance.


All accrued points will expire within 6 months of your previous purchase.  If another purchase is made within the 6 month period, the expiration of all accrued points will be extended for 6 months from that purchase.  No notice of expiration is required or will be provided.


This program may terminate, update or change at any point in time without notice at the sole discretion of Elciemje Innovations, Inc. with no obligations remaining for any party.